Tile and Marble Works | Tony Scavo

Tony Scavo, Tile and Marble Works' Founder and President, is a true master in the art of tiling and mosaic. Tony's talent and profound knowledge of the millenary art of tiling have been passed down to him by his Italian parents: Anna Ciancetta Di Placido and Mateo Scavo were both decorators/artisans. Ana was born in Abruzzo, Italy and Mateo was born and raised in Sicily, Italy. It is said that the Scavo Family design experience and tradition is priceless and is something that cannot be found in books. Still, a young Tony Scavo's thirst for knowledge led him to accompany his father back to Italy where he would attend school and get in touch with his roots and mother-language. Tony would then bring his knowledge to the United States and begin his career in design by following in his father's footsteps. Tony's strong connection to his motherland and passion for Italian design would lead him to return to Italy in his 20's and gain on-the-job experience by working alongside Italian craftsmen. More recently, Tony was invited by Bisazza North America to take a course in advanced mosaic techniques at a renowned design institute in Vicenza, Italy. Tony Scavo hit a major milestone in 1995, when he opened Tile and Marble Works. The word spread about the company's unparallel sense of style, creativity and quality, all visually rooted in Europe. Although Tony has executed major projects for high-rises such as Icon Brickell, Latitude On The River and Apogee Miami Beach and has rubbed elbows with some of the world's most recognized real estate developers, he remains humbled by his true love for the art of tiling. No project is too small or too big for Tony Scavo, as he sees tillable surfaces as just a white canvas for Italian design expression. Tony's eye for design is embedded in his genes and his culture, which makes his style and artistic creations unique and genuine.